Month: May 2020

Episode #6 Viruses through a different lens with Marc van Bemmel and Richard Kormelink

Let’s talk about what viruses can teach us and how we could use them in a positive way! Join this exploitative dialogue to look at our natural world from different perspectives. What if we would be able to zoom out? Leaving the microscope and our traditional human perspective on viruses behind for a minute. What would happen if we look at viruses as one of the players in a much broader system? And as such changing our perspective to that of Spaceship Earth and the role of a virus in the web of life? What lessons can we draw from nature’s logic on how Spaceship Earth operates?

Flies, Biomass Waste to Protein+ transformers of the future

In this case flies (and more specific Black Solder Flies) are the main actors. I will use the black solder fly to explain why insets are the nature’s most effective and efficient composting transformers. Understanding the why and how of the different insects lifecycles will provide insights in how insects have adapted to stay alive as the most sought after food (protein) source of the planet. Interesting enough understanding the role of insects in the web of life will lead to a better understanding of the role of amino acids (there are 20 amino acids which are essential to the animal kingdom) as building block for proteins, fatty acids and life in general. And understand amino acids will help to better understand the need of reducing the human consumption of animal protein and why we need to increase the protein intake of the other 4 kingdoms. And it will become evident how changing the existing (animal) protein intake will mitigate all the negative impacts associated with the animal protein rush (more about this later) into positive ones.

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