Masters of Beautiful Achievements MBA Academy, for sustainable Entrepreneurship,
supporting organisations and their employees becoming Masters of Beautiful Achievements.

The program offers a pragmatic learning program, no other Sustainable MBA Academy offers

Open Mic

open mic

Listen to The Masters

Each month out host Alexander Prinsen will interview a Master to learn about their innovations and the business models.

The Sustainable MBA Program


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Discover yourself how the MBA program can benefit in your journey towards a sustainable future.



Some inspiring cases

Here you can find a inspiring cases to learn about their systemic connections with (Eco)Logy and (Eco)Nomy.


The goal of this Masters of Beautiful Achievements program is to acquire a global understanding on the development & implementation of sustainable & zero waste business models to reinforce their correct scaling in different environments. The Masters of Beautiful Achievements is both a tool and a process for the future entrepreneurs.

The Masters of Beautiful Achievements is a great source of insights and learnings from different experiences around the globe in various disciplines such as biomimicry, blue economy, sustainability, technology, finance, sociology, entrepreneurship, education and philosophy.

The program is open for all interested to learn about our tomorrows challenges and how to custom made it to your needs.

MBA  (mbɪ•)  noun.

1. Master of Beautiful Achievements. Educational program where the individual seeks for experiences and learnings outside of their comfort zone.

2. Nomad & practical MBA to unlearn what has been taught & relearn what life is really about. Going back to basics about physics, biology and chemistry and how to design better business models.

syn. Journalist, Anthropologist, Researcher, Activist, Environmentalist, Consultant, Inventor, Artist, Designer, Public Speaker.

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