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The warehouse of the future

While driving past all the new warehouses I could not wonder asking myself if we could design better logistic boxes which do much better that the current solutions. Lets image distribution centers that generate more cash flows and are also climate-positive for the benefit of the investor, user and lessor....

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What do ESG’s, SDG’s, GRI, CSR, PPP have in common?

Are you also struggling with SDGs, ESGs, GRI, Carbon Disclosure, People-Planet-Profit, Circularity, climate mitigation, Sustainability and Innovation and sustainability. I can image. It helps when you breakdown these concepts into (eco)logy, social leadership and (eco)nomy. These three areas are in fact systemically linked. And without coherence, it takes a lot of...

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How aging makes change harder…

When I was reading one article on linkedin about human inability to act on climate related issues, I realized it is much more common and fundamental. Whether being Corona, personal development, climate change to name a few, in the end adapting to change is not what comes natural to humans....

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Animation for storytelling

How to tell a complex story with multiple entry points? Sustain-ability, Circular (eco)nomy and CSR are all related. And yet we treat them as separate entities. Merging them together requires systemic innovation using the a set of criteria for check and balance. Only those who will succeed in doing so,...

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SWOT – On why Circular is the only choice

Most of you know we are in need of different business models which will help accelerate the transition and make circularity as the new normal. So I thought why not see if I can use the famous SWOT analyse to provide some clarity in our dialog. What I have done...

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Fair Production should be the standard not Fair Trade

 The invention of Fair Trade, a concept where consumers and traders pay higher prices of the products as premium on top of the global economic market system, is in its intention an inspiring concept. A higher price so that the farmer can pay better wages to its employee and can...

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