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Alexander Prinsen interviews Masters to learn about
innovations, technologies, mindset and the business models.

In each episode a special  Master is being interviewed by Alexander to learn on how to design a Sustainable Future based on Physics, Biology and Chemistry principles.

EPISODE #5 István Kenyeres – Future of Waste waster Systems

In today’s Episode Alexander Prinsen interviews István Kenyeres, Founder of Biopolus about the Future of Waste Water Systems and Rebirthing of Water.

EPISODE #4 Anders Nyquist – Sustainable Architecture

In today’s Episode Alexander Prinsen interviews Anders Nyquist, Founder of EcoCycleDesign about Sustainable Architecture. Anders lives in Sweden and works globally on innovative projects.

EPISODE #3 Prof Ille Gubeshuber

In today’s Episode Alexander Prinsen interviews Prof. Ille Gebeshuber about Biomimetics.


Alexander Prinsen interviews Curt Hallberg from Watreco about Water and Vortex systems. Curt lives in Sweden and works on finding innovations based on nature’s inspiration.

EPISODE #1 Niklas Wennberg

Alexander Prinsen interviews Niklas Wennberg from Stadsjord (Swedish for Urban Soil) about Urban Farming and Future Food. Niklas works in Gothenborg (Sweden) on Urban Farming in the Slakthus.


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