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Alexander Prinsen interviews Masters to learn about innovations, technologies, mindset and the business models. In each episode a special Master is being interviewed by Alexander to learn on how to design a Sustainable Future based on Physics, Biology and Chemistry principles.

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MBA#15 Diana Machado de Sousa (Microbial Special Series)

Multi-culture fermentation is the next frontier for biotech. Can we create a community of microbes who can do the job? We explore various metabolic pathways to learn more about how syntrophic metabolism works. Can we develop natural catalysts by creating robust systems? And what is the effect of Bacteriophage to these cultures? Special Guest: Diana

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MBA #14 Gerald Pollack (Microbial Special Series)

In this episode we will investigate how the unusual characteristics of water (among others Exclusion Zone) is impacting how microbes are living with water. Water is more than H20 as we will learn today, and as such how will it impact how we look at fermentation, bio-remediation and more.  Special Guest: Gerald Pollack —-Join our

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MBA#13 Koen Venema (Microbial Special Series)

In this episode we will investigate our #gut#microbial#system about how and why it is effecting they #health system. We are curious to learn what kind of insights will this provide  for our understanding of microbial systems? How do these microbial #metabolic pathways in the oxygen free environments work? And what interesting applications can we extract

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MBA#12 Mike Jetten (Microbial Special Series)

In this episode we will investigate the role of anammox bacteria and their role in the nitrogen cycle and methane cycle. Are they key to solve the nitrogen issues? En in addition what can we learn how #anaerobe bacteria could be applied for health and our environmental challenges.  Special Guest: Mike Jetten Part of the

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MBA#10 Willy Verstraete (Microbes Specials Series)

#10 MBA Microbes Specials SeriesIn this episode we will investigate how bacteria will power the sustainable industrial revolution. What does nitrogen, calcium and hydrogen have to do with it? Why and how do the microbes do it? And what can we learn from microbes about their and even our own metabolism.

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MBA#08 Gert Jan Euverink (Microbes special series)

In this episode we will investigate how it is possible that even bacteria can produce a type of bioplastics, which is called PHA. And even more remarkable this PHA turns out to be also a natural feedstock for them. Why and how do they do that? And what can we learn from microbes about their

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Jan Gerritse

MBA#07 Jan Gerritse (Microbes special series)

Listen to the podcasts on Anchor | Itunes | Spotify In this episode we will investigate why Microbes can crack even the most difficult and stable natural and man-made molecules, such as Benzene, Naphthalene and PFAS. Why and how do they do that? And what can we learn from microbes to improve our current energy-wasting

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MBA#06 Viruses through a different lens with Marc van Bemmel and Richard Kormelink

Let’s talk about what viruses can teach us and how we could use them in a positive way! Join this exploitative dialogue to look at our natural world from different perspectives. What if we would be able to zoom out? Leaving the microscope and our traditional human perspective on viruses behind for a minute. What would happen if we look at viruses as one of the players in a much broader system? And as such changing our perspective to that of Spaceship Earth and the role of a virus in the web of life? What lessons can we draw from nature’s logic on how Spaceship Earth operates?

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Alexander Prinsen interviews Curt Hallberg from Watreco about Water and Vortex systems. Curt lives in Sweden and works on finding innovations based on nature’s inspiration.

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MBA#01 Niklas Wennberg

Alexander Prinsen interviews Niklas Wennberg from Stadsjord (Swedish for Urban Soil) about Urban Farming and Future Food. Niklas works in Gothenborg (Sweden) on Urban Farming in the Slakthus.

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