Background of the Masters of Beautiful Achievements

On 8 November 2013 Alexander Prinsen stepped into the Airplane to start his MBA, Masters of Beautiful Achievements, research project with the goal to visit and interview Entrepreneurs, Designers and Scientists on the topics they are the expert.

It all started around 2010 when in that year Blue Economy, Circular Economy and Cradle 2 Cradle were globally launched. Suddenly there was a need to do better and a global awareness emerged that a sustainable future is the only way forward. It become clear to me that doing sustainable was not about being philanthropic, and various companies were leading the way.

The more I read and talked with people before 2013 the more I found out that I had a huge knowledge gab. The media and most companies were telling they were sustainable and still the environment was being polluted. Doing less bad seemed to be the statuesque, instead of doing better. I learned I had a huge knowledge gab to fully grasp what is needed and more importantly how to innovate to get there. I needed a learning program that would teach me what I needed to know, and I knew that this program did not exist.

My Masters of Beautiful Achievements was born in 2013 and I created a travel schedule to visit the people I have heard about from whom I wanted to learn directly to catch up. This MBA is about a person deciding that its time to Do It Yourself and get out there to make it happen. In the end its about doing what you dream and make it happen even when funding are limited.

Until today this has been the best decision of my life and I’m so grateful of all the support from my teachers to have given the privilege to learn from them.

    September 2015, School of Applied Science Groningen, Kickoff Lector Minor Business Operations
    February 2015, Innovative Business models based on Blue Economy, Floda, Sweden
    January-March 2015, Design Assignment with Civil Engineering students of University of British Colombia, Vancouver, Canada

    Marketing Masterclass Sustainable Business, Utrecht, Netherlands
    Corporate Masters Presentation – Inspired by Nature, Taipei, Taiwan Corporate
    Blue Economy Presentation / lecture for Real Estate Agency, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Afternoon exchange with primary school students, on aspirations and realising dreams, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Blue Economy talk sharing my worldtour experiences, HONLAB Yoyakarta
    Blue Economy introduction at Makers meetup Singapore

    Creative Dinner (slideshow), sharing Blue Economy thinking and open source, Cape Town
    Blue Economy presentation, The Hub Johannesburg
    Workshop Blue Economy and Mushroom Entrepreneurship for Coffee grounds mushroom growers, Rotterzwam Rotterdam
    Corporate Procurement Training “How to create more cashflows bottomline”, Healthcare company, The Netherlands
    Seminar Blue Economy for Enactus Alumi, Amsterdam
    Workshop Blue Economy and Social Entrepreneurship for European Program Managers of Enactus, Amsterdam
    Sustainability and Entrepreneurship, “let nature work for you” workshop for Youth project, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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