MBA#03 Prof Ille Gubeshuber

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EPISODE #3 – Prof. Ille Gebeshuber

In today’s Episode Alexander Prinsen interviews Prof. Ille Gebeshuber about Biomimetics.

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About Prof. Ille Gebeshuber
A physicist in the rainforest | Ille Gebeshuber | TEDxKL

1:45 Biomimatics:

3:00 Pesticides Chemical vs Biology | the wax crystal

5:10 Material vs Structure (forms and functionalities)
Cheap and easy materials for constructing forms and amazing functionalities

06:30 Dragonfly anti bacterial skin

07:30 Lotus leaf\

09:00 Good property transfer of nature. Nature always combines functionalities, so when transferring the technology this needs to be taken into account

10:16 Ethics in Engineering
Challenge is to combine Biology with Technology/Engineering for broad range of applications. Living nature

11:00 Tribiology – Systems Science of interacting surfaces in relative motion

11:55 Lungs lubricants, Alveoli:

13:50 Diatoms

14:40 Biomineralization

16:10 Diatoms applications
Dynamite (diatoms + natural Glycerin)
Filters : Beer & Apply Juice
Solar : Optical surface functionalities, light focusing devices: for instance

18:00 Diatoms responsible 50% global oxygen production

18:50 Tedtalk Ille – A physicist in the rainforest | Ille Gebeshuber | TEDxKL

21:26 Spider Silk

22:00 How do animals produce eggs made from Calcium Carbonate

24:20 Bio-inspired learnings

26:20 Mathematics and Biology – are closer linked than you would image
Nature is precise on a nano structural level fascinates mathematics for a long time

28:40 Multidisciplinary teams for innovation

30:00 recommendations
Go out into Nature and watch what is going on

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