MBA19 Ramon Vullings

With entrepreneur and keynote speaker Ramon Vullings we explore his insights on cross innovation and the importance of an open mindset. Ramon promotes the concept of “Operational Elegance” as opposed to “Operational Excellence”. Operational Elegance is about caring about the client/user and provide a smooth experience. Just like a waiter in a restaurant picks up […]

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MBA18 Adriaan Korthuis

With Adriaan Korthuis from Climate Focus we explored the space of financing emission reduction programs in particularly developing countries’ and how to make sure companies exercising good climate practices. There is an urgent need for reforestation and forest protection as each year the annual Forest Declaration assessment (which Climate Focus is responsible) shows that intentions

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MBA#16 Ivanka Milenkovic

    Ivanka Milenkovic (Ekofungi) is a organic mushroom farmer in Belgrade Serbia teaching a whole new generation of mushroom farmers from all over the world. She trains mushroom farmers globally and many are also joining her academy in Belgrade. Ivanka was trained as a microbiologist and moved into growing mushrooms by accident. As a

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MBA#15 Diana Machado de Sousa (Microbial Special Series)

Multi-culture fermentation is the next frontier for biotech. Can we create a community of microbes who can do the job? We explore various metabolic pathways to learn more about how syntrophic metabolism works. Can we develop natural catalysts by creating robust systems? And what is the effect of Bacteriophage to these cultures? Special Guest: Diana

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MBA#13 Koen Venema (Microbial Special Series)

In this episode we will investigate our #gut#microbial#system about how and why it is effecting they #health system. We are curious to learn what kind of insights will this provide  for our understanding of microbial systems? How do these microbial #metabolic pathways in the oxygen free environments work? And what interesting applications can we extract

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MBA#06 Viruses through a different lens with Marc van Bemmel and Richard Kormelink

Let’s talk about what viruses can teach us and how we could use them in a positive way! Join this exploitative dialogue to look at our natural world from different perspectives. What if we would be able to zoom out? Leaving the microscope and our traditional human perspective on viruses behind for a minute. What would happen if we look at viruses as one of the players in a much broader system? And as such changing our perspective to that of Spaceship Earth and the role of a virus in the web of life? What lessons can we draw from nature’s logic on how Spaceship Earth operates?

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