MBA#05 István Kenyeres – Future of Waste waster Systems

In today’s Episode Alexander Prinsen interviews István Kenyeres, Founder of Biopolus about the Future of Waste Water Systems and Rebirthing of Water.

About István Kenyeres

2:40 Biopolus website:

4:30 Technology Platform
The Power of Water (Dutch) – 36.40

5:25 Urban Metabolic Hubs – Biomakeries
Urban Metabolism:
Urban Metabolism: A Review of Current Knowledge and Directions for Future Study

08:25 Open Innovation Platform

08:55 Metabolic Network Reactor System

09:05 John Todd – Living Machine [1]

11:30 John Todd – Living Machine [2]

13:50 Artificial Root structures & Sub Ecosystems

16:50 Effluent water becomes Spring Quality

18:00 Decentralised & Hub System approach

20:10 Circularity Challenges – Create closed habitat
Returning of matter (including harm full ones)

21:45 Physics first, than biology and finally chemical solutions
How to clean waste water systems.

23:20 Circularity Mindset – Example
Samantha Cristoforetti – Italian European Space Agency astronaut,

25:10 Monastery & Trappist brewery Koningshoeven The Netherlands

26:10 Rebirthing of Water
See also my conversation with Curt Hallberg:

28:00 MELiSSA European Space Agency Closed Loop Research

35:00 Metabolic Network Hubs – Cellular System

36:00 Urban Planning – Urban Cellular Cells

37:50 Projects
Trappist brewery water recycling system
Strijp-S Industrial Redevelopment – Eindhoven –

43:25 Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University –

44:45 Ted Talk Istvan
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Summit 2017 :

48:00 Entrepreneurship Lessons

49:35 Arthur Rimbaud – French Poet
Poet as a Chair

53:45 Creative Ecologist
Ecosystems are adaptive, evolving, dynamic, resilient and thus moving into a direction.
Creativity: find the solution which is not there. Seeing the missing part for the system
Discovery the void which can be filled

56.40 One Straw Revolution – Masanobu Fukuoka

58:50 Urban City Planning Challenges
What is Urban Metabolism? –

01:01:00 City Doctor

01:05:55 Alexander Von Humboldt – The invention of Nature

01:07:25 David Quammen – Tangled Tree, Radical History of Life

01:09:30 Ed Yong – I contain multitudes

01:12:00 Rap up – Until Next time!

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