MBA#06 Viruses through a different lens with Marc van Bemmel and Richard Kormelink

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Let’s talk about what viruses can teach us and how we could use them in a positive way! Join this exploitative dialogue to look at our natural world from different perspectives. What if we would be able to zoom out? Leaving the microscope and our traditional human perspective on viruses behind for a minute. What would happen if we look at viruses as one of the players in a much broader system? And as such changing our perspective to that of Spaceship Earth and the role of a virus in the web of life? What lessons can we draw from nature’s logic on how Spaceship Earth operates?

Moderator Alexander Prinsen is eager to know what questions and insights a different level of abstraction could lead to. Together with Mark van Bemmel from Orvion and Richard Kormelink from Wageningen University Alexander will take us on a journey into an unknown world of interesting insights. Combining insights and working towards cross disciplinary solutions and the essential questions we might have been overlooking. And who knows we might discover one or two innovative applications along the way.

Guest: Marc van Bemmel (Orvion)Marc is CEO/owner of Orvion. Orvion is a biotechnology company providing research and consultancy in the field of Water & Environment. Orvion has it’s own research Laboratories in Stolwijk near Gouda. Orvion is dedicated to realizing new sustainable techniques in which biological techniques are often a key element.

Guest: Richard is associate professor and his current research focuses at viral genome transcription-replication, innate immunity and viral counter defense strategies with the plant and animal-infecting bunyaviruses and geminiviruses. One of the major driving forces in all his research lies in his interest in the evolutionary relation between the plant- and animal-infecting bunyaviruses, and the commonalities in cell biology and innate immunity between the animal and plant kingdom.

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