How aging makes change harder…

When I was reading one article on linkedin about human inability to act on climate related issues, I realized it is much more common and fundamental. Whether being Corona, personal development, climate change to name a few, in the end adapting to change is not what comes natural to humans. Only when pressed do humans start to act to resolve the danger at hand. It started to realize it is also related to the age of the communities, as I have encountered during my world tour in 2013. Africa and Asia have a much younger population and yet also their politicians are getting older. And older age is not helpful when change is required.. “

“Change comes with embracing the unknown. The older we get the more fear we develop of losing what we have accumulated. With a large ageing population this peer pressure will only get worse.. and with a constant smaller cohort of the younger generation it does not look bright. Only when a human have nothing to loose, will a human embrace an innovative can do mindset… The best examples are young children / babies who embrace the world with a curious innovative mind, “It cannot be done” does not exist in their vocabulary. NASA went to space with engineers in their 20ties, just like SPACEX. We are stuck in a mindset paradigm of a habit which comes naturally when you get older…..”

What are your thoughts?

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