What do ESG’s, SDG’s, GRI, CSR, PPP have in common?

Are you also struggling with SDGs, ESGs, GRI, Carbon Disclosure, People-Planet-Profit, Circularity, climate mitigation, Sustainability and Innovation and sustainability.
I can image. It helps when you breakdown these concepts into (eco)logy, social leadership and (eco)nomy. These three areas are in fact systemically linked. And without coherence, it takes a lot of energy and effort to make it stick to each other.
And in essence it’s pretty simple:
Sustain-ability (planet) are the design principles of everything you do and use according to the laws of nature (science) as such (eco)logy (WHY)
Social leadership (people) creates the preconditions for cooperation/governance and as such you take the respons-ibility for your actions (WHAT)
Circularity (profit) are the (technical) solutions which close the biological and the mineral cycles in compliance with your design principles. This will then create the preconditions for the revenue models (HOW)
I know reality is very stubborn. There are so many reasons to leave everything as it is… until you realize that doing it better offers more benefits than keeping it as it is.
It does require some visionary leadership in combination with basic knowledge of the natural sciences. Only then will it allow you to discover completely new possibilities that you did not see before. And more importantly it becomes so much easier to report your progress on exactly what you are doing. Because you are simply already doing everything better as you have created the required coherence for everything what you do.
How to start? You can already start in every dialogue by starting your answer with Yes, and instead of Yes, but. You will start noticing it provides space space for doing better and integrate what was left behind.
Do or Do Not. There is no Trying
Have a great day

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