MBA#09 Mark van Loosdrecht (Microbial Special Series)

In this episode we will investigate the recent insights about bacterial biofilms. What is the role of Sialic Acid and what are the possible (industrial) applications? And what can we learn from microbes about their and even our own metabolism.

Special Guest: Mark van Loosdrecht (Delft University of Technology)

Part of the special Microbes Series.
What if we would be able to zoom out? Leaving the microscope and our  traditional human perspective on viruses behind for a minute. What would  happen if we look at viruses as one of the players in a much broader  system? And as such changing our perspective to that of Spaceship Earth  and the role of a virus in the web of life? What lessons can we draw  from nature’s logic on how Spaceship Earth operates?Together with specialists in the field of virology, microbiology and  biochemistry we will take a journey into an unknown world of interesting insights. Combining insights and working towards cross disciplinary solutions  and the essential questions we might have been overlooking. And who  knows we might discover one or two innovative applications along the  way.

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