MBA#16 Ivanka Milenkovic

Ivanka Milenkovic (Ekofungi) is a organic mushroom farmer in Belgrade Serbia teaching a whole new generation of mushroom farmers from all over the world. She trains mushroom farmers globally and many are also joining her academy in Belgrade. Ivanka was trained as a microbiologist and moved into growing mushrooms by accident. As a PhD student she was mentored by Europe leading mushroom experts from Netherlands and the rest is history. We explored the world of mushrooms including the farmed and wild ones and the local food cultural difference between rural Serbia and the urbanized Netherlands. Her business is successful because she uses the local food to consumer network and was innovative to find a way to enter the USA market as organic mushroom farmer. We tend to forget how beneficial mushrooms are for our health and why they should be added as important protein to our food. 

Ekofungi – 


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